Paragon has a wide range of professional Business Consultants, Tax Advisers, and Financial Advisers, offering cost-effective, technology-empowered, straightforward, and personalized accounting services for a wide range of industries.

We are more than business accountants. We provide a wide range of accounting services offering you the best advice to help your company grow. We go above and beyond expectations.

How Does Accounting Work?

Accounting is an important part of running a business. They analyze and provide information regarding financial records. This involves financial reporting, taxation, forensic accounting, auditing, financing, business recovery and insolvency.


Assist clients in selecting the best business structure, navigating tax consequences, implementing a merger or acquisition and many vital company transactions.


The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators and tax collection entities.

Assurance Services

Manages all aspects of insurance, project support, internal audit, risk management and business continuity planning to your business.


Book keeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business.


Payroll Services is the process of ensuring all employees are paid accurately and efficiently.

Why You Need Accounting In Your Business?

Accounting is one of the important things when it comes to tracking your business’s finances. However, entrepreneurs who can run a business may not have the time or desire to oversee the business’s financial aspects. At Paragon, Our professional accountancy services can give your business a competitive edge.

  • Start-Up Process – Accountants help business owners by using their financial knowledge to help them set the business up for success.
  • Operations – It can also help company owners by providing monthly preparation and analysis of financial statements that can oversee payroll and tax payments. 
  • Compliance – Accountants can ensure company owners are following government regulations and reporting compliances.
  • Growth – Accountants can help companies by giving insight into cash flow management, inventory management, and business financing that can help grow a business. 
  • External Accounting Relationships – Businesses sometimes work with different financial organizations. With this, Accountants can manage the load and handle the work that must be done by CPA firms for tax filings, banks or other lenders.
  • Preventing Financial Mistakes – Accountants can help companies from preventing financial mistakes that could cost a business money. It will prevent both small and large mistakes – like overdrafts, missing tax deadlines etc.

How Paragon Outsourcing can help your Accounting needs?

Whether you need to implement an accounting system for the first time or you can see that it is time to upgrade your current system, Paragon Outsourcing is here to work with you. Our company specialize in accounting services for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Our goal is to create a system that is built to handle the future success of your company.

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