Our Culture

A healthy company culture serves as the foundation upon which a company’s morale, retention, and performance are built.

At Paragon, we are committed to cultivating a culture that creates a well-balanced environment which in turn motivates our employees.

We believe that Paragon’s culture is a key driver of not only our success but that of our clients as well.

Our Culture

Family Values

At Paragon, we believe that strong family values both at home and at work, contribute to a happy, productive team.

Not only do we encourage our agents to get their families involved in our events and activities, but we also strive to build a family environment at work. We actively identify and eliminate toxic behavior, resolve differences, and look out for each other’s best interests. 

Home should be a safe place. We strive to make Paragon a second home for our agents; a place where they know they are appreciated, supported, and respected.


Many of our agents enjoy service work, so we provide ample volunteer opportunities for them. Food drives to feed disadvantaged neighborhoods, farm work where they can enjoy the outdoors while helping local farmers, and distributing essential supplies during the pandemic are just a few of the ways in which Paragon agents have helped our communities.

We believe that service work is an important part of staying grounded and maintaining our connection to the world around us. We encourage all of our agents to participate in our volunteer activities to not only give back to our communities but also to bring balance and perspective into their lives and their work.

Events and Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill a dull girl for that matter).

At Paragon, we recognize the important role that having fun plays in creating well-rounded, motivated employees. We organize basketball games and tournaments, pizza and pool parties, and field trips and off-sites, not to mention competitive billiards, video game, and karaoke events, among others.

We promote a fun environment where our agents can let loose, build close friendships, and enjoy themselves. We certainly don’t want our agents to be dull!


No matter how skilled your agents may be, if they are in a dysfunctional team, they will not produce the quality of work you expect and deserve.

At Paragon, we coach and mentor our agents on collaboration and cooperation, communication, and conflict management. We also offer team-building opportunities that help our agents recognize complimentary strengths, instill trust, and create a shared sense of commitment.

Many of the activities that we promote here at Paragon are organized with an eye towards strengthening our teams. Teamwork off the court translates to teamwork on the court.


With Paragon As Your Partner

  • You have access to a highly talented, eager pool of young professionals with expertise ranging from Web Development, Technical Support, Programming, Design, Ad Campaign Management, Data Science, Lead Generation, Accounting & Bookkeeping … the list goes on.
  • You eliminate staffing-related red tape and hassle such as HR, recruiting, benefits, taxes, legal, etc.  We cover all of that as a part of the package.
  • You eliminate the costs of equipping your staff with computers and peripherals, not to mention lease, insurance, and utility-related expenses.
  • You save a huge amount on salaries due to the cost-of-living differential.    
  • You gain an experienced Partner who will provide you with the tools and advice that will help you achieve success.