Our Focus

The ultimate goal of a partnership with Paragon is to amplify your business, whether that be by lowering costs, improving revenue, or providing experts in specialized services. Paragon is focused on helping our client partners achieve their objectives.
Our Focus

Focus on Cost Reduction

Paragon is focused on lowering your costs.  We have a lean, efficient management structure, and we have constructed our own facilities to eliminate expensive leases on office space.  We also avoid extravagant parties and events in favor of more reasonable, but just-as-much appreciated, activities for our agents. These are savings which we pass on to our client partners.

Thanks to our low overhead, we offer some of the lowest outsourcing rates available while offering our agents higher-than-average salaries to ensure that we attract the best experts. In fact, many BPOs actually outsource to us!

We offer our client partners truly significant savings without compromising quality.

Focus on Quality

Attracting top quality agents requires more than just competitive salaries. It needs an enticing work environment, supportive management, and attractive perks and privileges, all of which we provide.

In order to ensure that our candidate pool is filled with top performers, we scour the entire country looking for experts in their respective fields with solid track records of success. Once identified, the candidates go through multiple rounds of interviews and tests. After employment, our management constantly monitors their KPIs and offers opportunities for continued education and training to further enhance their skills.

Once we offer qualified candidates a position, they rarely turn down a chance to work at Paragon, and once they are employees, they rarely resign.

Focus on Retention

High attrition can quickly erode the advantages of outsourcing, costing clients time and money. For this reason, employee retention is a major focus at Paragon.

A key element to retention is a company’s culture. At Paragon, a healthy company culture is a priority, so we are always looking for ways to keep our employees happy, fulfilled, and challenged. You can learn more about our company culture here.

Another key element is the supportiveness of management. We are aware of this and offer counseling, coaching, and mentoring at work, and support them at home through loans, food, and supplies during times of emergency and crisis.

Paragon has always maintained a retention rate of greater than 95%, among the highest in the industry.

Focus on Building Trust

When a company chooses to outsource, it can often be a leap of faith. To entrust a portion of your business to an overseas company can often be daunting. Paragon understands this and focuses on building trust with our client partners both before and during their engagements.

Transparency is a key trust enabler, and we strive to be the most transparent BPO in the industry. We are up front about what we can and can’t provide; and our pricing is simple, straightforward, and devoid of obscure fees and hidden charges.

We also believe that constant communication is a must for building trust. We encourage our client partners to keep in contact with us and with their extended team directly so that they are always aware of what’s going on, just as if their team was in the building next door rather than in an offshore location. In fact, we welcome our client partners to visit their extended team in person whenever possible.


With Paragon As Your Partner

  • You have access to a highly talented, eager pool of young professionals with expertise ranging from Web Development, Technical Support, Programming, Design, Ad Campaign Management, Data Science, Lead Generation, Accounting & Bookkeeping … the list goes on.
  • You eliminate staffing-related red tape and hassle such as HR, recruiting, benefits, taxes, legal, etc.  We cover all of that as a part of the package.
  • You eliminate the costs of equipping your staff with computers and peripherals, not to mention lease, insurance, and utility-related expenses.
  • You save a huge amount on salaries due to the cost-of-living differential.    
  • You gain an experienced Partner who will provide you with the tools and advice that will help you achieve success.