Our Values

Most companies focus on price and performance when choosing an offshore partner, but while these are undoubtedly important, they rarely ever cause an engagement to fail. 

Therefore, we have identified and adopted as our core values those qualities that are the most critical to a client partner relationship.

Our Values


Working with our partners to create the perfect solution fosters greater trust and understanding than trying to force-fit a client into a pre-determined formula or package.

Every partner receives a customized blueprint created specifically for their needs. And our partners can be involved in the management process as little or as much as they want.


Productivity is directly influenced by the strength of the team. That’s why we promote a flat organizational structure where employees at all levels, from maintenance staff to the CEO, interact with each other daily.

This enhances communication, efficiency, and alignment of purpose throughout our entire organization.


The highest levels of performance can only be reached by holding every team member accountable.

Every employee’s KPI is assessed through regular one-on-ones to identify potential red flags, reinforce excellent performance, and promote continued development.


Perhaps what separates Paragon the most from other BPOs is our commitment to transparency. From invoices to pricing schedules to communications, we treat our clients like the partners they are.

That means they know exactly what’s going on, even right down to our very own profit margins. Our client-partners never get hit with unexpected charges.


With Paragon As Your Partner

  • You have access to a highly talented, eager pool of young professionals with expertise ranging from Web Development, Technical Support, Programming, Design, Ad Campaign Management, Data Science, Lead Generation, Accounting & Bookkeeping … the list goes on.
  • You eliminate staffing-related red tape and hassle such as HR, recruiting, benefits, taxes, legal, etc.  We cover all of that as a part of the package.
  • You eliminate the costs of equipping your staff with computers and peripherals, not to mention lease, insurance, and utility-related expenses.
  • You save a huge amount on salaries due to the cost-of-living differential.    
  • You gain an experienced Partner who will provide you with the tools and advice that will help you achieve success.