case study

Lead Generation

The Client

Our client is a fellow Busines Process Outsourcing company seeking to improve B2B insurance sales by streamlining their outbound marketing process including identifying quality leads, cleaning up existing data, and supporting their SDRs.


Our client was wasting leads because of missing/inaccurate data and mis-routing. Although they integrated tools like Leadspace, LeanData, and InsideView, they estimated that they were still only achieving an accuracy rate of 60%.

They needed a team of lead generators to drive more qualified leads, improve the quality of their existing leads, and to support their SDRs.

How Paragon is Helping


We used to have our SDRs source their own leads, but having our team at Paragon take over lead gen efforts increased and improved our leads and in effect, gave us more SDRs to funnel leads to our AEs and keep our pipeline more robust.

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