Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development.

Paragon Outsourcing has been trailblazers in the field of web designing in the Philippines. We don’t stick with cookie-cutter layouts. Each website design is tailored to showcase your company’s unique selling points and highlight what you do best. 

Building your online presence

Your website needs to tell your customers what products and services you offer as well as what your brand is about. It is a great way to grow your customer base, build credibility and make the right first impression to potential new consumers.

In order to create compelling visual concepts, web designers use different software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, InVision Studio etc. At Paragon, The web designers themselves, on the other hand, are trained professionals who have the skills to use those technologies and art to persuade, engage, and interact with the target audience and create designs such as:

Corporate Web Design

Whether you’re looking to create a corporate website for a new business or a rebrand, our range of designs below will help you create an engaging website that will help your business achieve its aims.

Enterprise Web Applications Development

True to requirements, mission-critical and component-based web applications that cater to any business needs. 

E-commerce Web Design and Development

Conversion-centered e-commerce sites designed for a more streamlined online business management, increasing traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. 

Online Web Campaigns Design and Development

Robust campaign designs and plans based on a firm’s growth objectives first and revenue objectives second. Available through building the campaign from the ground up, inclusive of tools and reports.

Why You Need Web Design In Your Business?

    Our websites capture your audience’s attention both through form and function. Thorough attention to layout, appearance, and visual flow to provide the best web design for brands.
    Web design must be logical and readable and reflect how users seek to find the info they need. User experience is a priority in our web design and development.
    And this is our specialty: building websites that are optimized, searchable and high-ranking on Google, and mobile-first friendly.

Your website needs to balance functionality with beauty, enticing visitors to explore pages while supporting your commercial and marketing efforts. At Paragon, We ensure you always make a great first impression with a professionally designed website.

How Paragon Outsourcing can help your designing needs?

Your website’s design can draw your potential customer in and help them discover, learn, and engage with your brand, products, and services. Our website design services will help you communicate your mission and vision, drive your sales, demonstrate thought-leadership, and engage your audience with innovative designs and functionality.

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We have experience of matching the world’s best talent with opportunities by combining amazing people with cutting edge of technology. To ensure we attract top quality talent, Paragon Outsourcing has regular, open dialogue with candidates and clients. We treat people with respect and understand your individual needs.

It’s these authentic values, and human-centric expertise, which make us the perfect talent partner.

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