Support Services

Support Services targets a specific segment of the customer base and is interactive. Support Services is on the rise and includes search result ads, email ads, and promoted posts – anything that incorporates marketing with customer feedback or a two-way interaction between the company and customer. Digital marketing can take place through mobile devices, on a subway platform, in a video game, or via a smartphone app.

With Paragon Outsourcing, Our Support Services create many routes to your project, helping you connect with your ideal web visitors.

How it works

We revise all your web analytics and measurements, improve them if needed. Then we strategized, execute and iterate. Upon finding the sweet spots, we start scaling up to generate the highest possible return for your business. We can start from zero or improve your existing campaigns.

Some think expertise comes with years. We think it comes with numbers. For many years, Paragon Outsourcing has been managing top-tier, large advertising accounts and campaigns, which generated millions of website visits, millions of transactions and lots of satisfied clients.


Our Services

There is no such thing as a great company, just great people in companies. We are a team of online marketing experts with a background in top-notch companies such as Google, AutoDesk, TMobile, Sprint & more. We help small as well as large clients in the digital transformation from offline to online, from desktop to mobile, from single channel to multichannel marketing. Here are some of our services that might be able to help your needs.

Customer Support

Customer Support refers to a set of practices and procedures that seek to assist customers who require special assistance. They might have questions about your product or business or be running into a product or service issue.

Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant is an independent worker who assists with administrative, business development, social media, marketing or other tasks.  By taking on recurring tasks and administrative work, they free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns allow organizations to stay connected with prospects and customers, sending them customized newsletters or offers based on past shopping history or brand engagements.

Tech Support

Tech support is a function ideally suited to outsourcing. Fluency in English, a highly educated workforce, and a friendly, patient demeanor are all key elements of a great tech support team.

How we can help you

We provide global elite full customer lifecycle consulting and solutions: Messaging, Marketing, Technical Support, Customer Success, and Enablement for SaaS companies who need help aligning internal values and processes with customer needs.

Tailored Support

We provide support for companies who need a completely outsourced post-sale strategy or have specific team augmentation needs. We quickly get up to speed on your product and work to improve the support experience, while providing feedback to make your product better.

Data-Driven Success

Paragon staff understands the customer journey and can provide the leadership to guide users past technical, organizational, and mental roadblocks. We have years of experience in Customer Success to ensure your customers are in good hands.

SaaS Enablement

Knowing your users and talking to them in their language is not a pre-sales or post-sales duty. A holistic customer success strategy requires understanding the entire customer lifecycle. Paragon Outsourcing has all software to use on every client demand such Microsoft Office, Adobe Collections, AutoDesk Software, and many more.

Start your journey with Paragon!

We have experience of matching the world’s best talent with opportunities by combining amazing people with cutting edge of technology. To ensure we attract top quality talent, Paragon Outsourcing has regular, open dialogue with candidates and clients. We treat people with respect and understand your individual needs.

It’s these authentic values, and human-centric expertise, which make us the perfect talent partner.

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