Social Media Marketing

Social media is the perfect tool to increase your online visibility, enabling you to share content and build relationships with new leads and existing customers. Social media is a key component of modern-day culture, and so for businesses, it provides an exciting opportunity to grow by reinforcing your brand, services, and products.

With Paragon, Social media marketing increases engagement with your business and generates new opportunities for you. From product launches to sharing company news and running competitions, having a strong presence across multiple digital channels is vital for businesses.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Our social media marketing agency has years of experience building high-converting campaigns that deliver a strong ROI.

We don’t believe in a platform-specific approach to social media marketing. Instead, in order to surpass your goals, a well-rounded marketing strategy, involving content creation, design and targeting is key.

Our designers work closely with our social media team to create campaigns that stand out from the crowd.


With over 1.3 billion active users, Facebook makes it easier than ever to build an audience and connect with new customers. We offer a full Facebook marketing service, which includes targeted posts, audience insights, and monthly reporting. Our team comprises of content writers, designers, and strategists who all come together to create innovative marketing campaigns.


One of the most visual and dynamic social media marketing platforms, Instagram allows you to share videos and imagery with audiences, not to mention the benefit of showcasing products in ads. Our social media marketing agency will position your business in front of potential buyers using creative campaigns that stand out from the crowd.


Twitter is the social media marketing platform that allows you to follow media stories, trends, and insights from companies around the world. Twitter’s current global usage stands at around 330 million, which presents ample opportunities for brands to reach out to customers. Our social media marketing services include optimized campaigns and monthly reporting.


Pinterest is a visual pinboard that allows users to pin and save inspiration for a later date. Relatively new to the social media marketing world, Pinterest promoted pins allow you to advertise products or services to customers seeking guidance on an array of topics from interior design and weddings to crafts and cookery.

Adding Variety To Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media marketing is most effective when integrated with your wider marketing efforts and if managed properly can become a key asset in achieving business goals. Combined with SEO, social media can project your voice online and boost the number of visitors to your website.

Our internal team can ensure your social media output is engaging and varied, through graphics, video, blog posts, and much more to keep your digital touchpoints appealing. Social Media marketing provides you with a platform to give your business a more engaging personality.

Build an audience.
Reach out to new customers and keep your existing ones interested.

Increase brand awareness.
Build relationships and share your company values through the content you share.

Develop communication channels.
Social media platforms receive billions of visits every month and engage with customers who you may otherwise not be able to reach.

Boost your website visitors.
High levels of potential traffic directed to your website from social media is a great indicator to Google of your credibility – giving your SEO a boost.

Measure your success.
You can track the performance of your social media campaigns and use this insight to improve your future efforts.

Quick response.
Listen to what existing and potential clients are saying, and respond quickly.

How Paragon Outsourcing can help your SMM needs?

We can help you to develop practical social media strategies that fit comfortably with your target audiences and their perception of your brand.

Whether you are looking for ongoing community management and platform management, a one-off engagement campaign, or just help to get you started, we have experience in running social campaigns across a wide range of brands and industries, from mobile communications to language courses, our social campaigns have delivered success and the brand recognition that our clients were looking for.

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