Paragon’s operations remain uninterrupted during this pandemic. The safety of our agents is our top priority. We also recognize the impact that the virus may have on your team’s productivity.

Therefore, we have taken a multi-layered approach to minimize incidences of Covid at the office.

Vaccinated Employees

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Our Protocols Upon Arrival

Paragon requires a temperature check for every person entering the office, contact tracing using the StaySafe app, and a time-stamped log of any symptoms exhibited by any agent.   

At Work

Paragon strictly enforces social distancing and the wearing of face masks.  Sanitizers have been installed at every door, and agents are constantly reminded to follow our health protocols. 

We also organize vaccine drives for our employees including registration, qualifications, and shuttle service.

When Symptoms Appear

Should any agent report or exhibit Covid-like symptoms, that agent will be isolated and tested.

CCTV footage will be examined to identify any person with whom that agent may have come into contact, and such persons will also undergo isolation until the symptomatic agent’s test results come in.

When a Test Shows Positive

In the event that any employee tests positive, that person will undergo self-quarantine at home. Paragon will provide the necessary work-from-home accommodations if the agent feels well enough to work.

Again, we will use CCTV footage to identify those with whom the agent has had close contact, and such persons will be isolated and tested. Finally, the entire office will go through a disinfection process, just to be safe.

Paragon’s operations remain in full swing, thanks to our strict health protocols. Our facilities and procedures are audited by the government, and despite a few isolated cases, there has been no outbreak or disruption in our work. Paragon is committed to your extended team’s health as well its productivity and performance.

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