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Nurturing the best talents with our people-first and work-life integration practices.

At Paragon, Our employees are our most important asset. With us, you can be your best and truest self in an inclusive environment guided by our culture of openness and diversity.

Increase Your Professional Skills

We offer careers, not jobs. Our employees enjoy competitive salaries, regular training, and a career path based on merit because we know employees are most productive when they’re happy and motivated.

We want curious, open, and positive people to join us in empowering brands and creating meaningful experiences for everyone.

Career Opportunities

We are a young, experienced, dynamic company with in-depth knowledge of the new trends in the outsourcing industry. Be a part of our continually growing company.

Recently Filled

Here are our recently filled job openings:

Paragon Outsourcing 6 Step Recruitment

We recognize our employees’ strengths and passions when providing them opportunities for growth through incentives and career advancement programs. Here are our 6 recruitment process to be one of us:

1. Submit Your Resume

Submit your resume at:

Wait for the human resources department to call and schedule an interview.

2. Phone Interview

Hiring staff will reach out directly to desirable candidates to check their applicants’ experience, skills, work history, and availability.

3. Verification

To have a clear understanding of all the needs and expectations of the applicant, including the technicalities revolving around the role.

4. Skill Test

This will test your skillset to prove that you are fit to work or can do the applied position.

5. On-Site Interview

A series of interviews held at the company’s office for several hours to a full day. Onsites can be a crucial part of interview experience for candidates.

6. Client Interview

Final interviews often include conversations with clients. A more in-depth discussion with an interviewer from an earlier stage in the hiring process.


With Paragon As Your Partner

  • You have access to a highly talented, eager pool of young professionals with expertise ranging from Web Development, Technical Support, Programming, Design, Ad Campaign Management, Data Science, Lead Generation, Accounting & Bookkeeping … the list goes on.
  • You eliminate staffing-related red tape and hassle such as HR, recruiting, benefits, taxes, legal, etc.  We cover all of that as a part of the package.
  • You eliminate the costs of equipping your staff with computers and peripherals, not to mention lease, insurance, and utility-related expenses.
  • You save a huge amount on salaries due to the cost-of-living differential.    
  • You gain an experienced Partner who will provide you with the tools and advice that will help you achieve success.