How Paragon can help your business

Paragon is a Business Process Outsourcing provider (BPO). We help companies build an offshore workforce by recruiting, training, and managing professionals with expertise in basic roles such as Virtual Assistants and Customer Service/Tech Support Agents to more specialized roles such as CAD Operators, Web Developers and AdOps Managers to name a few. We make sure our clients feel that these employees are in the room next door rather than in an offshore location. We call this an Extended Team.








More Skilled

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Award-winning BPO

No Frills | No Gimmicks

An award-winning BPO that focuses on the Basics.

Unlike other BPOs, we do not host lavish parties, offer over-the-top perks, or build glamorous offices. We don’t even have a fancy website. At Paragon, we are focused on keeping our overhead low so that we can offer our workforce the best salaries. This results in high employee morale and retention (95%) while still offering our client-partners the lowest possible prices. This is what outsourcing is all about.

The BPO that other BPOs turn to.

Paragon’s lean, streamlined operations result in lower costs for both Paragon and our client-partners.  The savings are so significant that even other BPOs turn to Paragon to power their outsourcing services, offering Paragon resources to their clients at further mark-up. 

Our Most In-Demand Services

Programmatic Advertising

Paragon’s programmatic campaign managers can manage your purchase of ad impressions on multiple publisher sites and apps through a sophisticated management ecosystem.

CAD/3D Visualization

Paragon’s CAD experts use tools including Solidworks and AutoCAD to support clients in various industries such as architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and product design.

Web Development

Paragon’s Web Developers work with you to create, maintain, & optimize websites and web applications. The specific tools used vary depending on individual preferences, project requirements, & technology stack.

Financial Services

Our financial professionals are experienced in western financial standards with special expertise focused in US, UK, and Australian tax laws, regulations, and accounting practices.

Call Center Services

Customer Service & Tech Support are critical components of a successful business. Our English-fluent agents can represent your business with courtesy, professionalism, and monitored efficiency.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants can provide a huge range of services such as data entry, answering calls and emails, research, data mining, project management, calendar management, email marketing, etc.


Paragon’s professional-grade marketing collaterals and advertising materials are not only effective in grabbing a customer’s attention, but they also enhance your overall credibility as a brand and leave a lasting impression. 

Social Media

Paragon’s social media experts can help you manage your engagements & interactions with customers and create  a well-rounded marketing strategy, involving content creation, design, ad management and targeting.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Increasing the visibility and ranking of a website or app is key to every company’s online strategy.  We take a data-driven  approach to SEO and continually revise and update our strategy to reflect changing algorithms and customer trends.

Offshoring for Start-ups and Small Businesses: Minimize Costs and Focus on Growth!

We understand the challenges of running a small business. Paragon can help you realize real savings while giving you the time and resources you need to grow your business. Some of our client-partners are individuals who outsource everything to us, avoiding the headaches and costs associated with employing full-time staff at their location.

Save money while BYPASSING the hassles of:

Offshoring for Medium-sized and Large Businesses: Down-size or entirely eliminate business units to realize huge savings.

Our clientele includes some of the biggest conglomerates in the country. By outsourcing entire units to us, such as customer service or ad operations, they can focus on their core competencies without the distractions and costs associated with an in-house team. Paragon can help large businesses streamline their operations.


A Paragon of Responsible Business Process Outsourcing

Unfortunately, the outsourcing industry is littered with BPOs whose primary objective is maximizing their profit from each client. At Paragon, we reject this perspective. Our low prices are a direct reflection of our philosophy that our clients’ success is our success. Our prices may be low, but as a client-partner’s business grows and expands, we expect to scale our partnership.

Just as our client-partners depend on us for a professional low-cost workforce, we depend on our client-partners to stay with Paragon as they grow. And the only way to achieve this is to make sure that our client-partners are not just happy but thrilled with our partnership.

Professional Talent

We hold our workforce to the highest standards. We employ a 7-step screening process that includes background checks, drug tests, phone interview rounds, skills assessments, in-person interview rounds, behavioral assessments, and simulation testing.

If they pass all 7-steps, they are submitted to you for final review, and upon your approval, they are on-boarded and constantly monitored and coached to maximize their value to our client-partners.

Huge Savings

Paragon is able to offer incredible savings to our client-partners due to the low cost of skilled talent in the Philippines as well as our own streamlined operations that eliminate the need for higher prices.

The latter is evidenced by the fact that even companies in the Philippines outsource to us, even though they also have access to the local workforce.

For an example of the savings you will experience with Paragon, please see our Sample Prices.

Seamless Integration

We see ourselves as your partner, not just an outsourcing service provider. Your success directly translates to our success, so we are committed to developing and executing a solution that will maximize your business performance.

In addition to regular reporting, our management and your extended team will be available by phone, email, or video conference as often as you wish, and you’re welcome to visit us on site if your situation permits (and we will be happy to assist in the arrangements). We want you to feel that your extended team is in the room next door rather than offshore.

Building Your Extended Team with Paragon

Our personalized approach to offshore staffing involves tailoring solutions to your unique business needs, meticulously matching skilled professionals to your requirements, and ensuring a seamless integration that optimizes productivity and delivers tangible results.

How It Works


Discovery session

Initial meeting to get to know your needs

solution brief

Follow-up meeting to present you with our proposal and pricing


We submit a list of our candidates to you for approval


You select candidates based on CV’s, interviews, or work samples



We sign a Service Agreement and you transfer a deposit prior to hiring

hiring & training

We hire, onboard, and train the agents according to your parameters


The agents begin working as an extension of your own staff



We continually monitor and asses your agents to make sure they are meeting KPI’s


We submit status reports on all aspects of your team on a regular basis

Client services

We collaborate with you to maximize your team’s productivity & potential


What our customers say

Kyle Alexander_Project and Engineering Manager, IG Masonry copy
I introduced Solidworks as a design tool into our business during 2019 however due a skill shortage in our local area I made contact with Paragon to see how they could support. Initial conversations were positive so we made the leap and quickly recruited three people based in the Paragon office in the Philippines. Linking our businesses from an HR, financial, technical and IT perspective was simple, and Paragon’s flexibility helped us tailor everything to our needs. Still today, more than four years after we started working together, we’ve added more Solidworks specialists, and we continue to have monthly meetings with Paragon to maintain the close links we’ve developed and ensure we continually improve.
Kyle Alexander
Project and Engineering Manager | IG Masonry
Sherist Rodriguez_Director, Limitless Outsourcing copy
Thank you for the amazing job you and your team are doing. I am thrilled at how well you guys have done.
Sherist Rodriguez
Director, Limitless Outsourcing
Dom copy
This is a dependable BPO company and its reliability is excellent.
Dom Procter
Director, Outsourced Staff
Jerome Mariano copy
From a business continuity standpoint, the onsite IT Team has been of great assistance, the availability of a fully functional generator set also avoids potential work disruptions. Growth will never be restricted as long as we're with Paragon.
Jerome A. Mariano
Risk Operations Manager CircaLogica Group
James Biluan copy
We started with only a handful of employees growing four-fold in lesser time than expected, and the Paragon team never fails to anticipate our needs and deliver on schedule despite the short notice.
James F. Biluan
Program Manager - Philippine Licensing CPHR Philippines
JJ Heredia copy
Paragon has been more than helpful to our business!. We can’t thank the Paragon team enough for the support we have received. We hope to continue our relationship and grow with Paragon!
JJ Heredia
My Trio Services

Our Client-Partners

Our client-partners range from one-man start-ups to major conglomerates, and also other BPOs that take advantage of our low prices to service their own clients.

Sample Categories

Average Monthly Cost

in the us

with paragon

Average Savings

Tech support


seo specialist

Customer support

virtual Assistant

graphic designer

cad specialist

web developer

social media manager

sales/appointment setter

$ 3, 818

$ 3, 763

$ 5, 917

$ 3,022

$ 5, 856

$ 4, 448

$ 4, 776

$ 7, 498

$ 5, 272

$ 3, 145

$ 1, 258

$ 1, 459

$ 1, 590

$ 1, 111

$ 1, 400

$ 1, 454

$ 1, 590

$ 1, 919

$ 1, 637

$ 1, 500











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